Professional Values


When I am old, gray, and retired 40-50 years from now I would want to have made a difference in the world. Now I am not talking about being famous, infamous, or rich. I am talking about knowing that I had done what I could have done to leave the world in a better state than I had first encountered it in. As a marketer I make crucial decisions every day about the causes, brands, and products that I sell to consumers.

These decisions come down to selling or not selling items that could be harmful to consumers and the environment. I strive to market causes, brands, and products that improve the state of consumers and the environment. Ultimately consumers should leave their purchasing experience, monetary or not, in a better state then when they started. My job as a marketer is to ensure that they get the right information so that they can make the best decision for themselves.Β Because marketing is a mass communication tool it has the power to enlighten consumers, and so it should.

When it comes down to it I am not afraid to make the hard choices for the right cause, versus the easy choices for the wrong cause. I refuse to align myself with any entity that negatively impacts consumers or the environment. Whether they sell harmful products or have detrimental missions and messages it is my prerogative to not work with them. By working with such causes I would only be perpetuating their negativity.

As I aspire, and seek better marketing practices to attain the best form of marketing that I can dream up, I hope that you will join me in my mission to use marketing for good and not evil.


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